Drums are my first love, and have been so for a very long time. I've been a working musician for about as long as I can remember, which, admittedly, doesn't mean much, since I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast today... But, putting that aside for a moment, the story goes like this... Initially inspired by polar opposites Ringo Starr (of a little-known Liverpool band called The Beatles!!) and the utterly incredible Billy Cobham (to this day, one of my most revered influences), later on supplemented and expanded by artists like Art Blakey, Steve Gadd, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Joe Zawinul, and a myriad of incredible musicians (a complete list of which would most likely explode the Internet!), I started out as a drummer.

Gigging and touring worldwide, performing anything from Jazz to Hip-Hop, classical to Blues, working with dance companies, as well as some sub work in the hit Broadway productions of Spring Awakening and Chicago. I later branched out into producing songs and composing for orchestra, which eventually lead to my moving to LA for some time, scoring for films.

Below you will find MP3s (many of which are available for purchase via ReverbNation - wink, wink, nudge, nudge!!), videos of performances I've participated in as a drummer, as well as scenes and/or music from some of the films I've had the opportunity to work on as a composer. If you feel inclined to do so, you may also purchase any of the albums shown below. They are available via digital download on

Drumming & Production MP3s

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Performance Videos

Composition, Production & Film Score Videos

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Here & Now (2018)

CD Cover - Here & Now
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Siren Song (2015)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Ambient Thoughts (2012)

CD Cover - Ambient Thoughts
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